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Customer Reviews

  • Barbara Nowak
    "We have worked with this company before and we'll be working with them in the future. They did our wood floors and they also remodeled our master bathroom. The knowledge of product and product ideas that they give you are wonderful. Best of all their prices are reasonable and they are not pushy. We will recommend them to all our friends and family. "

  • LH-1
    "Good quality for the price! Reliable, on time, and easy to talk to.
    They did a good job measuring and figured out the most economical way, I was impressed. I had them install about 80 yds of carpeting plus linoleum in two small areas. Very easy to talk with. Good quality materials. "

  • Andi
    "We went to all the dealers in the Northern Virginia area and found NY Carpet to offer not only the best prices, and the finest quality product, but the owner is a very compassionate about his business and makes the installation of new carpeting a sinch! He stands behinds his words and guarantees! A very honest business that will have you coming back and referring lots of friends and family to. We had our house done two years ago and then recently had my mother's condo done and we couldn't be any happier than what we are! If you want a job well done then go to NY Carpet, his prices can't be beat! "